Best Admin Panels for Laravel

Managing Laravel with an admin panel can be soo easier… Therefore I compared some of the most popular admin panels for Laravel.

Backpack for Laravel

Backpackforlaravel website

Backpack for Laravel is great for creating basic CRUD operations and more. A tool for managing users and permissions is integrated too. However, you need to pay for a Pro version for more advanced features.

backpackforlaravel demo

Filament Admin

Filament is a quite new competitor in the world of admin panels for Laravel. Built with livewire, Filament offers a great scaffolding for creating a new project. There are also more than 50 Plugins you can add to your project.

filamentphp demo


Orchid is great if you just want a little boilerplate demo


From the creators of Laravel, Nova might be a great choice. Being in version 4 it’s being actively developed and offers a many new features: Some of them are Responsive Design (which came quite late to Laravel Nova) and User Impersonation. However, it can be quite costly, which can be a reason not using it.


Focusing on content-administration, Litstack offers all basic features an admin-panel needs. A great it doesn’t differ between frontend frameworks. You can choose whether you use Vue, Livewire or something else. It also does not need to touch any models, providers or controllers which makes it really easy to integrate it with existing projects.



All provided offer a great variety of features. I choose to use Orchid on my next project, as it seems to have an active community and it offers important features like Two-Factor Authentication.


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